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Hello everyone

 How are you? I hope everyone is amazing. I came with a nice article. It is our choice to wear seamless underwear, whether in daily life or while doing sports, because it is more comfortable and healthier. While researching this, I met an underwear shop. It's name  Cosmolle :)

Another important part of comfortable underwear is the seamless bra. The bra should be both protective and breathable.What is a seamless bra?Bras that are flexible and do not have any seam marks on them are called seamless bras. Seamless bras work for women with sporty bodies.This wireless bra is produced using 3D printed technology and collagen polyamide yarn. A bra that feels light.

 I can give a few recommendations from Cosmolle on this subject. Let me talk about a few last features before moving on to advice.Flexibility, does not lose shape. There is no equipment in his training. I can say that he is the best savior, especially when you are going to do sports.
Here are some of the super comfortable bras;

  •  68% NYLON + 32% SPANDE breathable cups for all-day comfort 
  • Fixed cups, high density, lightweight, 40% lighter than other fabrics 
  • Thong/ 67%NYLON+33% SPANDE Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent and tumble dry or hang to dry
  • 63% nylon and37% spandex. Breathable cups for all day comfort 
  • Fixed cups, high density, lightweight, 40% lighter than other fabrics 

These underwear, which make you feel comfortable as if you don't have underwear, are indispensable in our lives. I don't know about you, but for example, for me, when we wear an evening dress, the seam of our underwear should not be obvious. This is important in terms of aesthetics and appearance.We should wear comfortable underwear while doing sports. In terms of health, you should choose underwear that does not sweat and breathes, making you feel like a bird. It is important for me to wear stylish underwear while doing sports, as well as in daily life. 

 That's it for this article. Thank you for reading to the end. If you have any suggestions about comfortable wear, I welcome your comments. With love...


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  1. hola
    me han gustado estos productos, me los apunto

  2. Hola,
    Me encanta la ropa interior sin costuras es muy cómoda, gracias por la entrada muy interesante.
    Besos desde Promesas de Amor, nos leemos.

  3. The underwear from Cosmolle looks very comfortable to wear!
    I model and review underwear on my blog, on YouTube and on Twitter,
    so I should seriously consider buying some of their panties to wear
    and to model and review on my blog!

    my blog
    my YouTube
    my Twitter


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